Advanced Instructional Design DSDM

User Centered Design and DSDM

How is User Centered Design similar to and/or different from the theory you presented in this class? Does it relate?

DSDM works very well with the idea of user centered design. There is more material on the web about Agile and user-centered design (UCD), but I believe that DSDM ‘walks the walk’ more than some other development methods that are affiliated with Agile.

The point of UCD is iteratively designing for, and using feedback from, users. The user experience has been central to DSDM from its very beginning – and was also central to the precursor of DSDM, the rapid application development method (RAD).

Today’s version of DSDM is structured to look first at the business case and feasibility – which include doing a thorough analysis of business problems and opportunities, and the kind of users that will be not only using a new product or design, but the users that will be providing business-level feedback and helping to creating the design or product. Users from the business are expected to help teach the designers and developers in joint application development (JAD) and related meetings about their needs, processes, and environments. DSDM then focuses this team on carefully designing a structure that is simple and meets minimum standards. The group can then evolve different prototypes of this structure that can elicit further user and test feedback, and redesigns.

If anything, I believe those who use an existing, but loose framework of user centered design would benefit from looking at DSDM as a more structured way for groups and design houses to create mobile applications, user interface designs, and websites.

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