Multimedia Systems

Reflection on proposals, literature review and possible portfolio work

I would like to present virtually at Ed-Media, and am also looking at INTED2020 as a virtual presentation. I am looking at a few other conferences regionally that are more zoned for medical and health science education, as well as TXDLA 2020.

On the other hand, even though it fits well with my longstanding interest in modality, media and open educational resources for development … I am not sure how the literature review I am working on will be viewed by various conferences, as I have previously regional pitched conference proposals having to do with audio drama and podcasting, and not received any interest – except for South by Southwest. On the other hand, education-entertainment is much more well known in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa as both a performance medium, and a tool for teaching, so picking either Ed-Media or INTED2020 for this kind of research may bring a different result.

There is no doubt that my PhD portfolio will feature media related works, and this topic will be a good fit, along with projects that touch on film and video games. I am not sure which of my primary interests will end up being my final dissertation topic, whether it will be more along the media focus, my interest in medical and health science learning, or my interest in HRD, distance and online learning among an underserved population, which is the military family. I could certainly imagine doing an entire dissertation topic on this subject, but as with my master’s thesis, it would depend on the resources that are available to me by the time I reach that part of the program. I think the study of sound, and other aspects of audio entertainment-education would be very unique to look at, but might pose some challenges. I could merge together my interest in entertainment-education and look at reaching either health science community members, or military family members using that tool. Certainly burnout is a challenge for the former and secondary trauma syndrome, domestic violence, and underemployment is a challenge for the latter.

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